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    Kia Seltos: The Past, Present, Future of SUVs in a Compact Package

    Completely redefining a class of vehicles would be a Herculean task, to say the least, but that’s what Kia Motors India did. Kia Seltos, named after Celtos, son of Hercules, made its world premiere on June 20 in New Delhi, India, where the millennial-focused compact SUV proved itself to be as bold and spirited as its name.

    For the world premiere of the Seltos, all Kia fans from around the world joined through the Kia Motors India website to hear just how a vehicle should be designed: by holding onto the tradition while braving and embracing change.

    The SUV Tradition Held So Dearly

    SUVs have been traditionally marketed as outdoor and sporting vehicles, and customers have come to expect two things from an SUV: sturdy performance and muscular design. So how does the Seltos measure up? Perfectly.

    The Seltos comes equipped with third-generation powertrains for high efficiency and powerful performance. All powertrains are engineered with Kia’s Smartstream technology for improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The vehicle is available with a 1.6-liter T-GDI turbocharged gasoline engine producing 177 PS, with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine producing 149 PS, and with a 1.6-liter diesel engine producing 136 PS. Depending on the market, the Seltos will be offered with up to three automatic transmission options to suit virtually every need and driving style – a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT), a six-speed automatic transmission (6AT) and a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

    Seltos’ distinctive look is truly pleasing to the eyes. Kia’s trademark grille design, the ‘tiger-nose grille’, harmonizes well with the vehicle body’s vigorous shoulder line and glasshouse shape reminiscent of a leopard. The Seltos is your archetypal Sport Utility Vehicle, at once robust and dashing.

    What the Future of SUVs Holds

    Time has changed and people have come to expect more from their SUVs. A car is no longer a means of transportation but a family space you share with your dearest companions. SUVs, in particular, are expected to provide uncompromising space and comfort for all passengers. And this compact SUV provides you just that. Its lounge-like cabin allows you to sit more comfortably so you can drive yourself or your loved ones with maximum safety and minimum fatigue.

    The already dexterous Seltos is full of little details tailored to youthful and tech-savvy customers. It boasts outstanding connectivity and its futuristic devices quench every driver’s thirst. For example, the 8.0-inch Head-Up Display system unobtrusively puts all the driving information right before your eyes. A 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, the biggest in the segment, and Sound Mood Lighting provide maximum comfort and fun for every passenger. Together with a Bose sound system, UVO Connect telematics, and countless other features, Seltos promises to elevate your driving experience to another level.

    The Complete SUV Experience

    So there you have it, all of the time-honored traditions of an SUV with boldly adapted driver-friendly and technology-driven features. The Seltos is expected to be available in global markets in the second half of 2019. So get ready for a whole new SUV paradigm with Kia!

    Take a look at the table we have created that clearly shows all the essential exterior dimensions of Kia Seltos.

    Size mm in.

    Length 4370 172

    Width 1800 70.8

    Height 1615 63.6

    Wheelbase 2630 103.5

    While the Seltos fall under mid-size SUV, with a spacious design, cabin and trunk space are notable, with passengers in the front and back sure to be comfortable.

    At 4370mm long and 1800mm wide, the 2020 Kia Seltos certainly doesn’t feel small. Those dimensions make the Seltos larger than most of its competitors in this segment, which helps explain why five adults can fit inside so comfortably.

    Kia’s official numbers show that front passengers get 1051mm in legroom, 1409mm in shoulder space, and 1017mm in headroom. In back, the area is arguably the most accommodating in class, with passengers getting 965mm in legroom, 975mm in headroom, and 1395mm in shoulder space.

    Cargo size & ground clearance of Kia Seltos

    • Ground clearance: 183mm (7.2 inches)
    • Cargo size: 433 – 498L (15.3 – 17.6 cu. ft.)
    • Gasoline tank: 50L (13.2 gallons)

    You need to stop focusing on the “mid-size” description of this SUV, as it pushes outside those limits in both passenger and cargo space. With the rear seats in place, the Seltos provides up to 498 liters of cargo space, which can be further expanded with the rear seats reclined.

    The Seltos boasts a 183mm ground clearance. That’s not a considerable clearance, but enough for some mild off-road adventures!

    The overall weight of the Kia Seltos comes in at 1.4 tons, while the gas tank holds 50L of fuel.

    What segment does the Seltos land?

    The official designation for the Kia Seltos is as a compact SUV, but that does not adequately describe what this vehicle delivers in terms of passenger and cargo space.

    In the US, the Kia line-up features five different SUV and crossovers. From smallest to most substantial, those vehicles are the Soul, Niro, Sportage, Sorento, and Telluride. The Seltos SUV is more significant than the Soul crossover and slides in-between the Kia Niro hybrid and the Sportage SUV.

    To make things a little easier to understand, we have created a comparison table that clearly shows where the Seltos fits within the Kia family.

    Model Length Width Height

    Soul 165.2 70.9 63

    Niro 171.5 71.1 60.4

    Seltos 172 70.8 63.6

    Sportage 176.4 73 64.4

    Sorento 189 74.4 66.3

    Telluride 196.9 78.3 68.9

    • the measurements in the table are posted in “inches”

    We’ve comprehended for some period now that Kia has the latest compact SUV in the works. Following a few teasers revealing interior and exterior sketches, we now know what the name of the new compact SUV. Say hello to the Kia Seltos, or at least, the SUV’s chrome badge positioned on the rear gate. The rest will be revealed later this month.

    If you’re contemplating that’s a somewhat odd name, there is some approach to the quirk. In its press statement, Kia explains that Seltos expresses inspiration of Greek mythology, particularly from Celtos, he was the son of Hercules. Why not simply call it Celtos then? Because in this instance, the ‘S’ stands for sportiness and agility. That’s Kia’s endorsed take anyway, though we reckon it could also stand for style, sophistication, space – these are all buzzwords Kia used in its release, though until we see and drive it, we’ll assume it stands for SUV.

    No other news is available from Kia, though earlier teasers do shed a hint of light on this latest offering. Comprehensive interior sketches unveil a rather considerable greenhouse with a sizeable 10.25-inch touchscreen display. Adaptive cruise control is apparent between the dials, so it should be available with a comfortable host of safety and driver-assist systems. Exterior sketches unveil Kia’s tiger grille and slim headlamps not unlike the Soul, with a full, curvy backside that implies this SUV might incorporate more of a crossover lifestyle.

    Kia announces the Seltos is intended directly at Millennials and “youthful, tech-savvy buyers” exploring something that stands special from the masses. That will be a challenging assignment as the compact SUV segment is perhaps the most jam-packed and competing of all automotive markets. We assume we’ll see more teasers in the times to come, with the full reveal appearing by the end of August.